Sunday, October 23, 2016

ENews 10.23.2016

Weekly Schedule

  • Red Ribbon - Wear Red
  • PLCs in Conference Room
  • Lancaster at HumanEx Training @ Admin Building
  • Red Ribbon - Nerd Day
  • PTO Fundraiser Ends
  • Box Tops Deadline
  • Lancaster at HumanEx Training @ Admin Building
  • Pig Out PayDay
  • Tutoring
  • Red Ribbon - Western Wear
  • Dreiling & Edwards at Legal Issues Training @ Region 10
  • Jayne Knighton Visiting on Campus
  • Red Ribbon - Crazy Socks
  • Tutoring
  • 1:45pm - ARD (Jacobs, Martin, Wilkins)
Friday - Snapshot
  • Red Ribbon - Storybook Character Day
  • StuCo Leadership Workshop @ Scott Elementary

    Important Reminders

    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Be sure you are planning and communicating with your parents about parent/teacher conferences for Monday, October 31. This is a FULL day that needs to be used well so you're taking up some much time during your conferences or after school to meet with parents.

    There are several online tools and resources to help you schedule these meetings like:

    Please keep a record for each of the parent conferences (the "Journal Tab" in Aware is a great place for this too). You MUST be reviewing the following for each student during the conference:
    1. District testing (MAP testing data, unit assessments, DRA test)
    2. Plan for intervention (all students receive RtI)
    3. Accommodations & Modifications the student is receiving (i.e. ESL/SpEd/504 students) 
    4. Student Attendance
    Brittany Lancaster & I will be available as needed throughout that day to ensure conferences are running smoothly and concerns are being address as needed.

    NEW Information

    Red Ribbon Week
    Yes, it's Red Ribbon Week - this is a great time to remind students about standing up against using drugs. A schedule was placed in your mailboxes earlier with a list of activities we'll be participating in. Please communicate with your students ways that can participate this week.

    PigOut Pay Day
    Tuesday is PigOut Pay Day - so grab your lunch and make your way to the Teacher's Lounge on Tuesday this week. This is a great time to talk and share with other people on other teams throughout the campus. We'll have some delicious treats waiting for you too!

    StuCo Leadership Workshop
    Friday is a VERY busy day for Scott Elementary.... Snapshot, Storybook Character Day, parade, door decorating contest, etc.... So ONE more thing to add to that plate is the Student Council Leadership Workshop that we're hosting.

    We'll have about 100 additional folks on campus that day for various school districts. Our RCISD student council kids are all participating this day too ... so we'll have a lot of special attention on this school day. The StuCo Leadership Workshop will be in the Gym so the Specials schedule will be different for that day. 

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