Friday, July 31, 2015

E-News (Back to School 2015 Edition)

Revolutionizing Learning

The conference is next week and I hope to see several of you guys there. The Keynote Speaker is the author of Teach like a Pirate... Mr. Dave Burgess (@burgessdave). Below is a video I shared with you last year about this gentleman and I know he'll be a great speaker... because I had a chance to hear him last summer. Also, be sure to visit the links below for the Conference Website & Schedule of Events to start planning your conference experience.

Conference Website

Conference Schedule
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New Teacher Orientation

The dates for New Teacher Orientation are Wednesday, August 12th - Friday, August 14th. All new staff members required to attend and it will count toward your FLEX days we're using for later this school year. Here's our schedule for that week:

New staff members will begin new teacher orientation at the Central Office. This training will include topics on Curriculum, Human Resources and Special Services, Technology, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Thursday afternoon will be on campus with the office staff and we'll be reviewing some campus procedures and logistics.

Staff Development Week Schedule

Two years ago, our campus theme was focused on PASSION and we talked about the #YouMatter movement by Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers) which included several statements about value that each of YOU add to the success of Scott Elementary...

This year she's been invited to be our Keynote Speaker for convocation on Thursday morning... I'm so thrilled she's coming to our district! Afterwards, some of our teachers will have the chance to meet her, have lunch, and visit with her about using #YouMatter principles in the classroom with students. Below is the link to our schedule (which is subject to change):

Please note that our Teacher Workday and District Convocation are scheduled for different days. We will still have "Meet the Teacher" on Thursday night and our district curriculum day will be Wednesday.

Professional Development & Flex Days

According to the 2015-2016 Calendar, each contracted employee must complete three days of professional development to take the place of the 3 days in next year's calendar that you can "flex" (October 2nd, November 23rd and 24th). Here's a link to the Royse City ISD Professional Development Catalog:

One day of "flex time" must be the compliance training from Region10. This year, Mr. Webb listed 4 workshops that are required. They are the first 4 online trainings listed in blue in the catalog. They total 5.0 CPE's. TWO additional days of "flex time" must be earned in face-to-face sessions of PD. Please keep a copy of your completion certificates and turn them in during Staff Development Week.

All other district staff members are welcome to participate in all sessions that are included in the catalog. There are many "online" offerings in the catalog. While they cannot count for "flex time" they are excellent trainings and can count towards PD recognition levels. These sessions also offer many strategies and resources for meeting the needs of students.

Back to School Principal Newsletter

Finally I've created a digital newsletter for all our Back-to-School information for parents & students. Please share the link to this newsletter via our social media and Remind accounts.

Finally I would like leave you with these words of encouragement from some of the messages received from our district leadership regarding our Accountability Scores. I hope you're taking some time to celebrate with family & friends. You deserve it!

Hey Scott TEAMJulia said it best. Watch out for Scott Elementary. I'm so proud of all involved. The hard work and dedication you have for ALL students was on full display last year. Character is built through tough times and I'm truly honored to be your Superintendent. Thank you SO Much! 
With loveMr. Worthy

CONGRATULATIONS, Don!!' What a wonderful start to the new year! I am so proud of you and your wonderful staff. This year will be so much better because you have some great systems in place. I just can't tell you how thrilled I am for you and Scott!!!'
Judy 🔆🎉🍰😀

I don't even have words to describe how happy I am for you! You worked so incredibly hard, you stuck together, you persevered but most importantly you made a difference in the lives of children!I hope you are dancing in the streets!!!!! This report is a testimony to what people can do when they stick together, focus, and teach like their hair is on fire!!!!I have every confidence that you guys are going to be even greater Rockstars this year!!!! This district better look out! Her comes the Scott TEAM!!!!!!!!!Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of celebration. You deserve it! Love you all more than I could ever express!
Very Well Done Scott Elementary! Never once doubted that you could do this! I am so proud of your hard work and perseverance. You are an awesome staff and have awesome leaders. You are RCISD's Shinning STAR!! Congratulations!!!Kenny Kaye
Congratulations Scott Elementary Family! Words cannot fully express how proud I am of each of you for the hard work you all did this last school year... we did it!
I'm doing cartwheels in the hallways and you guys are missing it!
The OFFICIAL reports are in and we MET STANDARD by TEA!!
I'm so very proud of you all and the hard work from this past year... Julia Robinson and Mr. Worthy have just called me to congratulate you all for your efforts.... I'm so very excited for all of us! We've learned so much this last year about what it takes to help student learn. I know this school year will be amazing with our new staff coming on board and changes throughout the building.
Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!Don Jacobs