Thursday, March 20, 2014

E-News 3.20.2014

Oops...I didn't talk about in the video was about Summer School. Angela Morales will be the principal of Summer School again this year. The dates for this session are linked in the Show Notes. Please let her know if you are interested in teaching Summer School again.

Also Julia is planning to have a group of teacher meet during the summer to revise the unit assessments. Participants will receive a stipend during the summer. Please let me know if you are interested.

Show Notes
Dates to Remember
  • March 24 - STAAR Training
  • April 1 & 2 - STAAR Writing Grade 4 (No Visitors - Communicate with parents)
  • April 14 - Staff Meeting @ 3:30pm
  • April 15 - PTO Kindergarten Program
  • April 17 - All Pro Dads
  • April 18 - Yes... we have school!
  • April 22 - STAAR Math Grades 3 & 4 (No Visitors - Communicate with parents)
  • April 23 - STAAR Reading Grades 3 & 4 (No Visitors - Communicate with parents)
  • May 2 - Staff Appreication, High School @ 10:00am 
  • July 30-31 - PLC Institute in Royse City ISD

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Student Voice & Social Media

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Spring Break! I'm currently sitting in my PJs with my laptop at 9:00am ... this never happens in the Jacobs house with kids running around and DBU homework to do.

So, I came across this video about Student Voice featuring several educators including our very own +Zach Snow (@ZachSnow). The moderator is a long-standing friend of mine +Amber Teamann (@8amber8) and fellow administrator in Garland ISD. I wanted to share this video with you not only because of Zach but also the content aligns with the conversation we will being having during our next staff meeting next Monday.

This video is about 50 minutes... which for me it a long video... but the content is interesting. Generally, I will play long videos like this in the background while I'm working on something else... you've probably heard of this idea... "multitasking".

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you guys back on campus Monday morning!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

E-News 3.6.14

Google+ Community
Some of you guys have noticed, we have a Google+ Community for Scott Elementary Staff Members. This is a place were you can share and post good things happening in your classrooms or grade levels. You can share ideas for lessons, technology tips, videos, pictures, prayer requests, birthday announcements anything you want.

I currently use something like with this with my DBU Cohort. We share messages all the time about questions to the group about class assignments, birthday wishes to others, and last minute reminders to the group about projects. Recently, a group member had a death in the family and this was the place we posted a lot of encouraging notes. Also, our Edcamp Awesome organizers used a Google+ Community to plan all of edcamp. We only met face-to-face once in December, had two Google Hangout sessions, and the rest we communicated via the Google+ Community (btw... Google Hangout is Google's version of Microsoft's Skype or Apple's Facetime...but Hangout is better... details later).

Play with it... ask to join the group. Please know this is a private group so this isn't being posted to the public. Only Scott Elementary Staff will be allowed in this group.

Team Leader Application
Our district's strategic plan includes providing staff members with relevant and effective opportunities to receive additional information and training regarding personal growth. One way we have been working on this goal is with the Curriculum Advisory Team. Generally, the members of this group includes our Team Leaders who receive district training and support with Region 10.

Last week I visited with the Team Leaders about opening up all Team Leader positions to the staff. Like I told them last week, I love the current Team Leaders and have been very pleased by their leadership and contribution to Scott Elementary. However, they have been in this position for a few years now AND we have several strong teachers on campus who would make wonderful team leaders too.

So starting today, I will be accepting applications for team leaders for next year school. Anyone is welcome to apply for a current team leader position. All applicants must have served on this campus for at least 3 years. You can find more the details about the Team Leader role below:
Team Leader Role and Responsibilities

Using Social Media to Communicate
Just a reminder - Use the survey link below to help use know the specific ways you are communicating with parents/students at home... Communicating with Parents.This will help us promote your content and feature it with our Scott Elementary social media. Our next staff meeting will be on Monday, March 17th and Jeana Franklin will be sharing with us about the Dos & Don'ts for sharing information online.

Flashlight Friday is tomorrow
Dr. Bright will be organizing our Flashlight Friday event for tomorrow. She emailed details about the event for tomorrow:
Goal: To promote Reading and have some fun too!
Procedures: During the day tomorrow, we will play music on the PA at different times throughout the day. I will say “Today is Flashlight Friday” and we will give you which Section we are reading. The story will be in your mailbox today marked with sections to read. Please remember that when you hear the music, you will have your students at a designated place in your room, turn your flashlight on, and turn off the lights. We will read the same book/passage that will be provided to you. (Everyone will participate such as office, cafeteria, visitors, etc. because we want to show students that Reading is important)
Students and teachers can wear appropriate pajamas. I know that every staff member will have professional pajamas.
Materials needed: Use your flashlights that we purchased for you in the past and/or please bring a flashlight from home. Don’t forget to check the batteries for your flashlight. You may wear pajamas and/or jeans.
Inform: Please inform the students today about “Flashlight Friday” so they will know what to do and so they tell their parents. We have information going out on “Messenger” too. Some of the teachers added this Reading activity to their newsletters.

STAAR Training will on Monday, March 24th with Mr. Powley. Please make plans to attend! He sent out an email about the STAAR Online Security Training... be sure to visit the link and place your certificates in his box by Friday, March 28th.

PLC Summer Training - I received an update to our PLC Summer Training yesterday. We were able to get into the San Antonio for July 16-18. I would like all our team leaders to attend this training...details will be coming.

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Month

Christin Propst, 1st Grade

Important Links:

Dates to Remember
  • March 6 - Open House @ 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • March 7 - Flashlight Friday
  • March 10-14 - Spring Break!!
  • March 17 - Staff Meeting
  • March 18 - Visit from Dentist
  • March 18 - 1st Grade Music Program @ 7:00pm
  • March 20 - All Pro Dads
  • March 24 - STAAR Training
  • March 26 - Team Leader Meeting
  • March 28 - STAAR Training Certificates Due
  • July 16-18 PLC Institute in San Antonio
  • August 6-7 - District Staff Development

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March's Teacher of the Month

Only a few more days until Spring Break!! So let's take a few minutes to cast our votes for ...
Cast your vote for a NEW Teacher of the Month. The Teacher of the Month is a monthly award that recognizes a teacher who exemplifies excellence in education. The Teacher of the Month will be given a parking space in the staff parking lot for that month and a special treat.
Please select ONE teacher who exemplifies our district's vision of Empowering Students & Shaping the Future.